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About Norenda Ag

For Almost Eight Decades

Norenda Ag is a multi-generational farming enterprise that prides itself on being progressive while building on the traditions of the past.   With over 40,000 acres under our management today, Norenda Ag is committed to good land stewardship, including preserving over 10,000 acres natural bushlands and wetlands, in addition to our agricultural acres.

Hard work, perseverance and adaptability are the cornerstones of the operation.  In a fast-paced, ever changing industry, we embrace technology and environmental sustainability as we strive to provide products that we can be proud of.  We take our role in helping feed the world population seriously, and are committed to ensuring viability for future generations.

About Norenda Construction

Diversified Services; Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Driven by the recognition of the need to provide meaningful work and full-time employment to our valued team members, Norenda Construction emerged in 2007 as an extension of Norenda Ag. Since then, we have been going strong and diversified our service offer.

At Norenda Construction, our success stems from the collective expertise of our dedicated team that is comprised of skilled professionals who are experienced in their respective fields. Our versatile portfolio encompasses a wide range of construction services, including gravel sales and delivery, commodities hauling, derailment cleanup, rig matting installation, snowplowing, and more. Our comprehensive service offer comes with a commitment to safety and satisfaction (ISN accredited).  No job is too big or small for consideration.  We also work hand and hand with all contractors, as a sub-contractor. Whether hauling gravel or trenching in a water line, Norenda Construction is up for the job.

With established gravel pits and a fleet of 10 Super B’s and 10 delivery trucks operating six days a week, Norenda Construction is committed to ensuring the success of your projects. Our gravel pits supply corporations, contractors, small businesses and private individuals.

 For a full listing of our Gravel Products, Visit our Gravel Sales Page.