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Cultivating Excellence in Agriculture since 1944

Norenda Ag and Construction have built upon the foundation that was laid back in 1944 by Jaroslav (Gerry) Norek.  From humble beginnings as a farm hand, to an important contributor to the local economy today, Norenda Ag has persevered as a testament to hard work, dedication and resilience.

Expanding when the opportunity presented itself helped Norenda Ag grow into the enterprise it is today. Each successive generation has contributed to the farming operations growth.  Giles grew up farming with his father, and was joined by his brother-in-law Douglas Lomenda, both making significant contributions that added to the expansion of the farm beginning in the 1970s.  Building upon this success, Clayton joined the farm full-time in 1990 and Dallas in 2000. Today, the fourth generation continues the work begun by their great-grandfather.

With over 40,000 acres of agricultural land under our management, our commitment to good stewardship remains unwavering.  At Norenda Ag, we embrace innovation as a cornerstone of our success. With a forward-thinking mindset and a passion for staying at the forefront of industry trends, we leverage technology, research, and best practices to optimize yields, enhance efficiency, and promote environmental sustainability. 

Our approach to sustainability involves improving soil health and productivity by employing state of the art technology and farming practices so as to continuously leave the land better than the year before. We are always aware that land is our greatest asset.  Even when making improvements, we do everything in our power to ensure its long term viability. As our operation strives to become carbon neutral, we have modernized our equipment to reduce inputs and retain and capture as much carbon as possible. 

With over 5 million bushels of storage between our two bin yards, Norenda Ag is one of the largest, privately owned storage facilities in North America.  This investment in grain management has positioned us a leader within the industry.  We are currently designing facilities that will load and unload Super Bs (including scaling) in under five minutes.  We constantly strive for efficiency in every facet of the operation.

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